Frye Museum DAE Exhibit is still up, until June 19

Posted May 30th, 2011

The Degenerate Art Ensemble Exhibit at the Frye Museum is still on view.

It is a wonderful opportunity to experience the work of the many imaginative artists and collaborators of the Degenerate Art Ensemble, and the Frye Museum is always Free! The exhibit features a dress that I designed and made for the Weeble Wobble Princess, and several videos and photographs featuring costumes that I designed and made in collaboration with Adriana Phillips, for the 2007 Red Cat performance of Cuckoo Crow.

Here is an article in the Seattle Times about the Frye Exhibit.



The beautiful photo in the article was taken by Bruce Tom, and is an image of Haruko Nishimura of the DAE performing in the 2007 Red Cat Theatre version of Cuckoo Crow. The costume she is wearing is by Ruthie Nicklaus, with deer legs and accoutrements by Adriana Phillips.

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